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ALL our marriage vow renewal certificates are available to purchase personalized and emailed to you!

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'Word of Love' Marriage Vow Renewal Certificate

Soft muted colors surround the muted background of Bible and flowers. This certificate shows you are proclaiming that your marriage is based upon the Holy Word of God and His Love.

Because He is the God Who continually romances US, this certificate implies that we then romance each other as husband and wife.

Fully customizable and ready to wear your signatures.

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'Stained Glass Romance' Marriage Vow Renewal Certificate

This marriage vow renewal certificate combines the announcement of marriage re-commitment with the romance of an elegant stained glass window.

Our original design will make an elegant presentation when framed and hung on a wall of your home. It will not only speak of the renewal commitment between husband and wife, but do so by uniquely whispering its message of love and romance through a sun-drenched window.

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'Couples Portrait' Marriage Vow Renewal Certificate

This is your opportunity to truly customize your marriage vow renewal certificate. Perhaps you have a digital picture of the two of you at your original wedding, a treasured family picture featuring you two, or a digital picture taken of the two of you at your marriage renewal ceremony.

We'll superimpose your marriage vow renewal wording over that picture and make this certificate a 'REAL TREASURE.'

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Burgandy Roses & Bells Marriage Vow Renewal Certificate

Rich with vibrant color, sporting traditional wording and plenty of customization available, this certificate is simply 'delicious!'

Perfectly suitable for framing.

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Marbleized Marriage Vow Renewal Certificate

Three Marble Background Color Choices Available!

This certificate will not only record the event of your marriage vow renewals, but does so on a formal marbelized background.

This certificate is suitable for framing.

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'The Sweetest Word Ever' Marriage Vow Renewal Certificate

With God's Word, flowers and candles as the background, the romantic setting is complete for the wording of your marriage vow renewal ceremony. Suitable for framing and making a keepsake document that will grace your home forever.

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