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10 Vows for Marriage Renewal Ceremonies

Vows, whether for a first wedding ceremony, or those for a marriage renewal ceremony, should reflect the heart, soul, and emotions of a couple. The combining of these three should be captured within your vows to reveal what the relationship has been, is, and will become.

Sit together and read all these vows. Discuss which ones are most like the promises you would like to make to each other. Combine aspects of multiple vows within these pages, to produce the whole of what you want to promise your lifemate for the future. Who knows what deep and profound times will be shared by the both of you while preparing these vows. After all, that is what a marriage should be...the fusing of two souls into one.

God bless you richly for this step in recommitment to your lifemate!

Sample Vow:

"Before God and these witnesses, I, ____, take you, ____, as my always-and-forever soulmate. The love you have given me unconditionally has reached into my heart and taken me captive. I have known no other love like yours and I joyously re-pledge myself to you, as I did ___ years ago. I will share with you all the good and all the bad of life. I will rejoice in your strengths and encourage you and love you in spite of your weaknesses. I will love you the rest of my life, because it is my choice to do so. This is the covenant I make with you."

This is what one reader says:

"This booklet, '10 Vows for Marriage Renewal Ceremonies' is wonderful! We
just celebrated our 15th anniversary yesterday. What a blessing for you to
share these special vows with all of us!"
Paulette Kosak, California, author.

You may be surprised the depth of dialogue these promises may ignite...And isn't that what you want...to share deeply with each other?! Bless you as you prepare to re-commit yourselves to one another!


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