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'Floral Fantasy' Marriage Vow Renewal Certificate

With all the charm of a Victorian print, this softly muted floral design boasts multi-colors of green, teal, blue and rose fashioned into a watercolor collage of elegance.

One lone bird is perched daintily on a branch. The colors of this certificate softly mingle together into a luscious display of beauty.

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Regal Doves on Gold Satin Marble Marriage Vow Renewal Certificate

With two regal doves cooperating to hold high the wedding rings, the gold satin marble of this certificate gives a rich background to the wording of re-commitment between husband and wife.

Combinations of Old World fonts accentuate the words of marriage renewal made between marriage covenant partners before God and witnesses.

Truly a beautiful work of art!

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'Cascading Flowers' Marriage Vow Renewal Certificate

With the sweet soft colors of cascading flowers, this certificate speaks of marriage renewal AND romance! Traditional wording (fully customizable) superimposed over our original background design makes this certificate a treasured keepsake!

This certificate can be ordered with full color background or black/gray/white background. Either elegance!

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Golden & Lavender Butterfly Kisses Marriage Vow Renewal Certificate

'Whimsy' best describes this light and airy marriage vow renewal certificate. Tones of gray with black script wording are highlighted only by the soft, muted, almost-not-there, golden- and lavender-colored butterflies that take flight throughout this certificate. Fun, flirty, and filled with romance...this certificate will bring lots of admiration from those who view it.

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'Love Doves on Gray Marble' Marriage Vow Renewal Certificate

Uniquely created on a pale gray marble, this traditional certificate allows the couple to add the anniversary number they are celebrating, as well as the original wedding date and renewal/anniversary date. Elegant and filled with romance...this is classy, smart, and VERY romantic!

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Floral Scroll Marriage Vow Renewal Certificate

What do you get when you put together the vows of re-commitment made between husband and wife, the family and friends gathered to witness, and the spirit of unconditional love??? This elegant scrolled marriage vow renewal certificate, which triggers those memories over and over again!

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