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The Liberator

Sexual intimacy between husband and wife is a gift straight from God's Heart to us. But many married couples struggle with this precious gift. They enjoy thoroughly the physical intimacy with their spouse, but the actual physical sensations are not what they hoped.

We would like to introduce to you the Liberator (registered) Shapes, which can assist married couples in a multitude of ways...helping wives achieve orgasm, helping couples attain new, creative sexual positions, and assist in helping a couple conceive.

There are six(6) shapes from which to choose.
We hope that you and your spouse will peruse these pages, and find the shape that will best accommodate your lovemaking pleasure needs.

As bodies come in different sizes, so do Liberator Shapes. These Shapes are easy to use, and easy to order.

Sizing Guidelines:

* If both partners are of average or slimmer build, our 24" wide Liberator Shapes are ideal.

* For heavier lovers, or those who desire more lovemaking room, the 30" wide Liberator Shapes work best.

* If either partner is 6'2" tall or taller, please order the Tall Liberator™ Ramp - available in both the 24" and 30" widths.

* If you simply want a more extreme angle, your best bet is the Tall Ramp!

Liberator Shapes facilitate deeper penetration and increased stimulation. Liberator Shapes will create unique angles that provide greater pleasure for both partners. For her…he'll feel bigger. For him…she'll feel tighter!

Women who have previously experienced some discomfort or even pain during intercourse (dyspareunia) find that Shapes™ can help alleviate that pain.


Blue, Plum Purple, Lipstick Red, Sandy Beach, Black, Tiger, White Tiger, Jungle Cat, Snow Cat, Leopard

Trying to conceive? Doctors recommend positioned lovemaking to up your odds of conception. Or are you looking to enjoy more comfy and more frequent sex during your pregnancy? Liberator Shapes are your solution to both of these needs. They add variety and spontaneity to baby-making sex. Shapes truly help you from conception to third trimester.

Wedge™, Ramp™, Stage™ and Cube™ are all trademarks of OneUp Innovations, LLC.

All forward orders to Hawaii and Alaska are subject to 3x our standard S&H rate. This is to cover the excess shipping costs to those regions. These orders will be shipped via FedEx.

Don't forget to check out Liberator's newest item...

Liberator Scoop/Wedge Combo

at bottom of page.


    Description Price
1.   Now in 6 Colors!
Liberator Heart Wedge®

Item No. 12-2010SDE
2.   Liberator Throes
Item No. THROE-000LIB
3.   Liberator Scoop
Item No. 07-3006SH
4.   Covers for Liberator Shapes
Item No. 05-1206SH
5.   Liberator Wedge
Item No. 987456
6.   Liberator Ramp
Item No. 876321
7.   Liberator Wedge/Ramp Combo
Item No. 7651234
8.   Liberator Stage
Item No. 537-4780554
9.   Liberator Scoop/Wedge Combo
Item No. SCPW
10.   The Liberator - ESSE™ - New Waves to Marriage Intimacy
Item No. SS-0000LIB



Built like sports gear - nylon zippers, nylon thread, Teflon coated soft inner shell, stain resistant and light weight. As easy to wash as your favorite blue jeans, becoming softer and snugger with every wash.

Able to support hundreds of pounds in motion, in comfort. Covered in luxurious microfiber that stacks in dozens of positions, without slipping or sliding. A dual-cover system! Use the nylon inner shell on its own. It's silky, it's water-resistant, it's perfect for fun with lubricants,massage oils or food! Liberator Shapes come complete with a dual cover system. The inner and outer covers are stain-resistant to water-based lotions and lubricants. If you're playing with sensual foods, Jell-O or whipped cream, the velvety outer cover is the perfect playground.


Depending on the height of your bed, some Liberator Shapes will store conveniently under your bed for quick and spontaneous access.

When standing upright, Liberator Stage only occupies 24"x 9", Liberator Ramp only 24"x 12" - both products store easily in the closet and occupy less floor space than an average suitcase. Liberator Shapes also make wonderful "props", so you may want to leave them out and about for lounging on or watching TV.

* Under the bed
* Stand it in your closet
* Hang it in your closet
* Tuck it under your nightstand


All Liberator fabric covers are stain-resistant and easy to maintain. The sensuous outer cover zips right off and is machine washable. The inner, water-resistant nylon cover easily washes clean with a damp cloth or sponge.


We are totally committed to your positive shopping experience and thorough enjoyment of Liberator Shapes! If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return it within 30 days of shipment for a prompt refund, or for an exchange of product or size. *** All returned merchandise must be unused - we cannot accept a sexual product once it has been in use. If your merchandise fits this criteria and if you've been issued an RMA, please email us for complete instructions on how to return it.


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