Romantic Freebies

Romance Freebies

Everyone needs access to some 'romance freebies'. This page and its resources were created just for you. The page is permanent, and hopefully, ever-growing.

Help yourself and come back often to check out our new offerings.


'What is Love... Really?' Love Puzzle

Need a 'love activity' that will keep the two of you engaged and thinking about LOVE? Try this puzzle together when you have some alone-together time. After solving together, encourage each other by sharing the strengths each other has in the 'love arena.'

We didn't even put in a KEY. You'll have to truly WANT to solve this to find the puzzle title's answer.

Click puzzle to print it out.


'Take It Up a Notch' Romance Ebook

Although it’s a lovely gesture to say, “I love you” to your mate, what if you could make it more romantic?? A kiss is always nice, but what if you could put more romance into it for your spouse?? What if you could turn everyday activities into continual ‘romance’ for your husband or wife??

Click ebook cover to print it out.

FREE Downloadable Love Coupons

Could you use some FREE printable love coupons?

Run off as many as you like and shower your husband or wife with 'LOVE!'

Click coupon picture and help yourself!

'Let Me Count the Ways I Love you' Romance Plan

Sometimes we simply MUST remind our spouse how precious and valuable he/she is to us. We need to do this for THEIR sake and for OURS.

This is sweet romance that can either be posted somewhere for even the children to see. Or, hide it somewhere in the master bedroom (perhaps the inside of the closet), so that you can post those private, intimate thoughts that are in your mind and heart.

To receive this romance plan NOW,
just click the picture cover and run it off.

~ Romancing with Flowers Ebook ~

Want to break the EXPECTED pattern of romancing with flowers? This FREE ebook will show you how to give your Sweetie flowers in such a way that holds a much more powerful impact!

And, the great thing about this ebook?.....

Just click the ebook cover and print it out!



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