Personalized Love Message Crossword Puzzle
When You Want to Make Your Sweetie Work a Little to Discover Your Love Message...
Crossword Romance!
$10.95 Reg.
$8.95 SALE

Personalized Love Message Crossword Puzzle

This is your opportunity to just amaze your husband or wife with this customized love message crossword puzzle. You can say ANYTHING you want to him or her in 25 words or less, and we'll turn it into a fun, sassy, sexy crossword puzzle.

And the REALLY great part of it is that you can give it to him or her TODAY!!!

Have your Sweetie just complete the puzzle and the instructions at the bottom of the page will tell him/her what order to put the words from the puzzle in to make the message you want him/her to receive!


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What kind of message can I write? ANYTHING YOU WANT!


* Sexy, suggestive requests
* Tell your husband about your pregnancy
* Ask your girlfriend to marry you
* Write any 25-word or less love message you want.
(Your message is our command!)

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Spontaneous and Unexpected Romance!

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Item Number: 04-2407SH

Price: $10.95 Reg.   $8.95 SALE


Title of Crossword Puzzle: Please tell us the title you want this crossword puzzle to have.

Name of Recipient: Please give us name of recipient, as desired on crossword puzzle.

Name of Giver: Please give name of giver, as desired on crossword puzzle.

Full Message for Crossword Puzzle: Please write out your entire 25 word or less message that you want us to create a crossword puzzle for. We will create the puzzle and create the word clues. (There is nothing inappropriate for you to write to your spouse. Have fun with this!!!)

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  • Love Message in Crossword Puzzle Form
  • Say Anything to Your Sweetie that You Want To!
  • Colorful & Romantic Presentation
  • TOTALLY Customizable!
  • Four Presentation/Shipping Methods Available
  • Clever and Totally Personalized Way to Let Your 'Honey' Know You Love Him/Her!
  • Amaze Your Marriage Partner with Any Sexy Message You Want to Give Him/Her!
  • 25-Words-or-Less Crossword Puzzle
  • Fun, Unexpected Romance for Marriage Covenant Partners!
  • Can Give Any Love Message You Want to Your Spouse!
  • Clever Romance that You'll Get All the Credit For!


Printed Document 8-1/2" x 11"

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