Game of '20 Questions - Romance Style'
When a Husband & Wife Want to Romance Each Other and Reveal Their Own Hearts...
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Game of '20 Questions- Romance Style'

The questions in this Christian romance game are the most honest, open-communicating, and ROMANTIC that any spouse will EVER hear their mate ask. Any husband/wife asking his/her spouse THESE questions, then acting on them, is starting a process of "romancing" that will not only improve their marriage relationship, but shove the relationship into new heights!

Make this a "date night" activity. Play it while cuddling by the fire, lounging in bed, or feeding him/her a fondue that YOU have prepared for him/her.

Game includes:
Supplies Needed List
Directions for playing
20 Questions to ask your lifemate
Heart-shaped Thank You Card with sweet message to lay on spouse's pillow after the game

We feel certain that your endorsement will be: "From the very night we played this game, our marriage relationship (and the romance level) has jumped to the 10+ position! And...we have begun some spin-off questions of our own in our continuing playing of this game."

Who will win this game?...Both of you!


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Price: $5.50 Reg.   $4.95 SALE



  • Intimacy-Builder for Husbands and Wives
  • Sets a Romantic Mood!
  • Intimate Romance!
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