Massage for Married Lovers - The Touch of Passion
When Husband & Wife Desire Each Other & Sensual, Erotic Massage...
Sensual, Erotic Romance!
$13.99 Reg.
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Massage for Married Lovers - The Touch of Passion

CAUTION: Do NOT purchase this product if you are simply seeking oils for giving back massages, etc. This product is ONLY for husband and wife!!!

"When love and skill work together, expect a masterpiece." ~John Ruskin.

The gift of intimacy between husband and wife is a 'gift' indeed! And, THIS can only enhance that which is already excellent!

This kit includes 5- 1oz. bottles of massage oil (each is YOUR choice of fragrance), communication helps and Sensual Massage instructions.

The reading and application of the enclosed instructions will give you the confidence to give a most EXTRAORDINARY SENSUAL MASSAGE to your marriage covenant lover! Truly this is 'sensual marriage covenant romance!'

Your Choice of Fragrances:

Apricot, Caramel Caress, Peach, Rain, Tea Rose, Oriental Spice, Lily of the Valley, Hyacinth, Green Apple, Oriental Musk, Natural Musk, Sandalwood, China Musk, Water Lily, Summer Rain, Shalimar, Paris, Vanilla Field, French Vanilla, Eucalyptus, Heart Beat, Poison, Red, Orange Juice, Gardenia, Vanilla, Strawberry, Lavender Blossom, Honeysuckle, Jasmine, Morning Lilac, French Violet, Arabian Sandalwood, Cherry, Black Orchid, Yellow China Musk, China Lily.

Because the essential oils and base oil are blended only when ordered, this product is customized, therefore non-returnable.

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Price: $13.99 Reg.   $9.95 SALE


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  • Massage Kit for Married Lovers
  • 5-Fragrance Pack
  • Choice of Massage Oil Fragrances
  • Sensual, Erotic Massage Instructions
  • Each Bottle has YOUR Choice of Fragrance
  • Includes Communication Tips for During Erotic Massage
  • 37 Fragrances from Which to Choose
  • Builds Confidence to Give Extraordinary Erotic Massage
  • Build an Entire 'Massage Date' Around This!
  • An 'Erotic Evening' to Remember for Husband & Wife!
  • Formulated to Your Specifications
  • Give Erotic/Genital Massages to Your Spouse!
  • Sensual, Erotic Romance for Husband & Wife!
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